Respect for Human Dignity- Significance of Independence Day Celebration.

October 01 every year has been a significant day in Nigeria, as it is a day set aside every year to celebrate her independence.
Independence day is a day Nigeria set aside as a remembrance about the Nigeria proclamation of Independence from British rule on 01 October 1960. Also to celebrate the labors of her hero’s past.

European influence in modern-day Nigeria began in the 16th century when the first explorers from Spain and Portugal began trading with locals, leading to the development of ports, such as Lagos. The British became an increasingly dominant influence on the region in the late 19th century through the Royal Niger Company, resisting German attempts to expand in the region.
In 1900, the territories under the control of the Royal Niger Company became the Southern Nigeria Protectorate. In 1914, this was combined with the Northern Nigeria Protectorate to create the Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria, which forms the borders of modern-day Nigeria.
Many aspects of modern life in Nigeria were established under the period of British Rule, but the middle of the 20th century, the call for independence sweeping across Africa and the decline of the territories in the British Empire led to Nigeria being granted independence on October 1st 1960 under a constitution with a parliamentary government and a degree of autonomy for the country’s three regions.
Nigeria marked total independence from Britain when it became a federal republic, when a new constitution was adopted on 1 October 1963 with Nnamdi Azikiwe as its first president.

NnamdiAzikiwe on his October 01 1960 speech titled “Respect To Human Dignity” quoted

“I submit that respect for human dignity is the challenge which Africa offers to the world. The lack of respect for human dignity has led to the political bondage of man man in Africa. This act of commission has also accentuated race relations in Africa. Until the conscience of the world has been energetically aroused to solve this problem frankly with absolute honesty, it is safe to predict that the political resurgence which is now sweeping all over Africa is capable of leading to a revanche movement which would be disastrous to the peace of the world”

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